The headline is the first part of your sales page.

Your headline is the MOST important part of your marketing strategy. Without an effective headline, you might as well shut down and go home. This post is dedicated to helping you determine the most successful headline for marketing your site and to show examples of headlines that work!

If you want your target audience to even think about reading your content, you need a headline that stops prospects in their tracks. To get your prospects to pay attention, consider their biggest wants and desires. Appealing to their wants or desires on your headline can do wonders for your profit.

If you want to boost your conversion rate & enjoy enhanced profitability, you might be wondering what steps let you reach your goal. You can try many methods when your campaign is set to get more sales than ever. Although you have many options at your disposal, learning to use the power of a well-written sales page is one of the most useful. You can grab the attention of your prospects and hold it until the end when you know what you are doing, and the outcome will make you smile. If you have a fantastic product or service at a reasonable price, the right sales page could be your ticket to success.

Can a simple line engage & make prospects respond to it?

Avoid click-baits.

A powerful headline grabs attention of your potential customer. Keep the message simple. The customer will either see your headline and keep reading your web page or see your headline and click out of your site - never to return. Which would you rather have happen?

Enagage the audience.

Finding an effective headline for your startup will be the key to your business success. Place your headline before any other reading material, but below a picture or banner. Your customer will read what they notice first. If there is no picture or banner at the top of your homepage, place your headline at the top of the page and make it very noticeable.

Sales tricks

Printing in larger print and bold letters should do the trick. You also want it to be easy to read. That's why we would not recommend fancy artwork or fancy writing in the headline - just plain, bold, and dear text. Also, don't use all caps when writing your headline. That's typically called shouting on the medium.

Before the sales pitch

If you have a picture or banner at the top of your page, place the headline below the picture or banner using the same guidelines as above. The reason for doing this is that people normally look at the picture or banner first and then begin reading below it.

The headline is what you will use to keep the customer interested in your website. When you are trying to determine a headline for your home page, remember that your company should not be headline unless it gives a direct benefit or sense of urgency to your homepage. Guess who was paid a few millions in today's equivalent to write this simple book title? A simple thing, yet so hard.

Emotions drive people more often than logic does, so use words that inspire an emotional response. Come up with at least 10 headlines, and choose the one you think will get best possible results. Run split tests to see what headline works better than the others, and you reduce your marketing overhead. After headline, you get body of your sales page. The first line must pull them into your message and make them want to learn more. To achieve that goal, let them know what problem you solve and why they should use your solution instead of buying from someone else.

Design & UX

Designing can be FUN - adding graphics, links, navigation bars, etc., but if you wish to make money with your website, your text could make or break your website Below are a few guidelinesto follow while adding text to your website Catalog Products Website if you will be offering many different products from your website (similar to catalog sales), you probably will not need a long sales presentation. A couple of paragraphs of text on your homepage and product entry pages will do.

Here are a few ideas to write about for a catalog site:

  • Special offers
  • Offer free mailing list sign-up
  • Do a product review each week or month
  • What s new section
  • Give customer benefits of ordering from your company
  • Basic introduction and instructions on how to get to your product listings
  • Testimonials from past customers
  • Offer your best product or service guarantee upfront

Keep it personal

Infoproducts or one-page website if you're focusing on informational products or have only one product as your main focus, you should have an effective sales presentation leading your visitor to the purchase.

Don't hard-sell

Online, its important that you talk very personally with your visitors- as if you were face to face with them By doing so, you'll build trust and a buying atmosphere for your visitors Please remember not to do hard selling on your website. Lead your visitor without him/her knowing it after gaining their full attention and desire, then make the sale (with persuasive offers & guarantees).

Closing words

A powerful headline brings more sales – No doubts. A headline is what keeps the user glued to the website. Make the content consistent with headline.

Rather than reading your sales page from top to bottom, most people will scan your sales page to decide if it's worth their time. Breaking your content into sections and using subheads appeals to that reading style and gives your readers a peek into what you have to offer. You can also include a bulleted list of benefits toward the top of your page. The bottom of your sales page is where you close the deal, so make sure you do it right if you want positive results. Before you pitch your offer and name your price, include testimonials of happy customers

Keep writing folks.