It is often said those who are into sales are to be born, and not made. Yet again, there are those who believe that sales can be groomed into overachievers if right foundation is present. Whichever of these is the case, one thing is certain: Among all high-caliber sales mavericks, there appear to be many common practices, beliefs, and behaviors that contribute to long-term success.

It's very possible to find most common traits in those who routinely demonstrate outstanding sales performance. Some of these traits are 'personality-based,' whereas some of them could be learned over time. While the presence of these traits may not necessarily determine sales worthiness of any given person, they can give hiring managers and board executives a baseline criteria to use in making hiring decisions.

Being indepdent is #1! ⛸️ Startups can increase their hiring hit rate by looking for these traits in candidates being interviewed for sales positions. For those who lead a sales organization, taking independent decisions, can be viewed as opportunities for development within the team.

Highly motivated teams and indepdent sales representatives understand every stage in sales funnel and steps required to move opportunities through it. No matter what product or service a business sells, there is a funnel that every single sale has to move through. ⛹️ For some businesses that rely on high-volume, transactional sales, the funnel can be very small. For businesses with longer sales cycles & more sophisticated, solutions-based products or services, where funnel is almost certainly going to be much larger and more complex. Regardless, effective sales consultants will have a detailed understanding of his/her sales funnel & actions needed on their part to guide leads through that funnel to the final "closed" stage.

Building an effective sales culture is not always easy. Those who consistently over perform and beat their targets month after month often use a rigorous, disciplined approach to managing their funnel every day. The key to finding long-term success in sales is all about building the right culture and creating a winning environment within your business and your team.

Check your burn-rates. Keep an eye on how to keep your ships afloat 🛶. There are always a few things that you can do to help the process. It's wise thatwe enable communication between team members, and always be encouraging rapport in your work environment.

Engage with your team daily/weekly meetings and activities that will keep them talking to you and one another. Some of the steps below expand on this idea because it is that important. Any good sales specialist will be able to identify which of their opportunities are at what stage of that funnel at any given time, giving sales management a clear idea of where their opportunities stand with better communication.

Stay on-trend and up to date on every changes. You will also want to your team to be cutting edge and ahead of the curve, and a great way to do this is to Invest in new technologies that can help you stay ahead of the competition.

And, never be reluctant to accept change! ⛱️ For some organizations, this can be as simple as making sure that your team has the latest smartphone. If you're feeling your team is falling behind as a result of your competition has higher technology, you wishto try to to what it takes to induce them the proper technology so as for them to succeed.

Keep hustling folks.