What majority users expect is not a canned response to a recurring reason why their expected sales targets weren't met. Stop suggesting anti-patterns for repeatedly occuring sales problems. Value accures with time. If you're unable to solve the existing issue, you will not be approached again as a service provider. Would you recommend a non-working tried and failed strategy for your own sales? The best time to achieve something is as soon as you can. Invest every penny your customer pays honestly.

Sales strategies need not be boring. Is your problem solved by suggestively recommending a non-working solution? It means you’ve half done your job and you still think you deserve to be paid by someone and also not solve it. Embrace your mediocrity now, so that you can put out work that kills it later.

Identify what your audience is primarily afraid of losing what they have? Identify all tangible benefits your product/service gives them over time. Users won't tell you what they don't like about your product/service, and YOU need to do home-work to understand your customers yourself.

Spend time understanding your most important unsolved problems. Invest in time to solve them. Don't start by selling. Start by listening. Your customers will thank you. In many cases, improvement is not about doing more things right, but about doing less things wrong. Making a SALE need not be boring!