A recent study found there were about 15,000 marketing platforms are currently available to businesses. There are so many channels, which marketing departments need to consider when they try to create a working marketing strategy that it can be overwhelming. It isn't any surprise, 1% percent of marketers choose your firm as the one to focus on.

Brands often keep running after different marketing solutions and diluting their focus. There are also other ways marketers make mistakes. The challenges can be so great they may choose to continue with a shoe string strategy, rather than risk trying something new.

Improve your Leads

To bring in deals, sales teams need a pool of potential to call or email. That pool must be regularly refreshed with new, promising leads that - fit a company's ideal customer profile. Business spend a lot of money and effort acquiring contact information for targeted customers. However, the dirty secret is that businesses often actually have to spend even more resources researching, appending, and validating customer records once they have them in their database than actually acquiring them.

Work on Sales Automation

Modern marketing and sales teams rely heavily on automation. Brands should both perform primary research of their own for data, and acquire information out of secondary research, from marketing reports and studies. Data analysis can boost revenue, and cut customer acquisition costs. Software (and the data you put into it) powers modern business, so it's no surprise that more and more companies have made lead enrichment a priority.

Better data means a better chance of closing more deals. Many companies neglect to give themselves enough time to perform in-depth lead analysis of data for their marketing strategies. The greater the amount of data available to companies, the more marketers can learn about consumers and find new leads. Word of caution, don't ignore lead analysis.

Revise The Script

Every sales-team needs a great foundation to build their skills. You want to increase your revenue by hiring successful sales consultants. Give them the tools they need to sell value to your clients. It all begins with a strategic sales script. Never let your sales script get stale. You want to treat your pitch methods like an advertising campaign. Small changes will add up quickly. Every pitch can be improved. Have your top sales agents create their own version of your existing script.

You can also ask them to work together on creating one when you don't have an official script. That's a great way to start out on the right track. Ideally, you'd want each team leader to produce their own sales pitch for making cold calls. It's an easy way to find out who is getting the best results in your office. Each team should have their own personalized pitch in alignment with the head of marketing. Your end goal is to have everyone follow the exact same routine as your most profitable sales agent. There needs to be a proven method of closing a sell from start to finish.

Practice Sales Conversations

A mock sales call can be invaluable when planning for those inevitable objections. It's best to have a scheduled practice time throughout the week. Your agents are going to learn best by taking action. Practicing sales conversations with coworkers helps break the ice for new employees, and it allows everyone to brainstorm ideas together. A few extra minutes following each afternoon meeting will be enough.

Have everyone take note of potential responses to common objections. It will help your team get a grasp of how to overcome each hurdle they will face in a sales call. Have all of the interns practice with established producers. It will give them a great feel for what to expect from a potential customer.

Brand Proposition

Both sales and marketing teams can benefit from data-rich leads as they launch new campaigns and work to bring in more sales. Most customer relationship management systems and marketing automation databases lack one or more of the following basic data points, let alone other key data points needed for automation: Title of contact, Number of employees at a company (general size of company) etc.

Ask your sales team - How unique are you differentiating the brand  from rest of the services you provide? Different marketing strategies of a brand should be unified in a single and simple marketing statement. It should define what its about the company that makes it stand apart from its competitors. The unique selling proposition should inform every message that comes out of the company and should be at the core of every campaign.