Every magic trick has 3 parts, or acts. The first part is called pledge, where the audience is shown something ordinary. The 2nd act is called turn, where the you notice an ordinary something is made something, extraordinary.

Are you watching closely?

Now you're looking for the final closureโ€ฆ but you won't find it, since you're not really looking closely. But you wouldn't clap yet. You don't really wish to know. You want to be fooled.

*If you're told not to think of a monkey, we end up doing that. *

Making something  disappear is just not enough. You wait for that moment to see the magic come ALIVE. That's why every performance has a third act, the hardest part, the part we call "The Prestige". Ever wondered why sizzlers are served last?

So, when you goto sell you wares, try to make your first sale, probably try hard to woo an investor (pun intended), don't expect a fat cheque just after the first pitch. It never really happens. Here's some expert tips that we find just interesting to sell yours.

Cut the flab

Yes, dumb down the pitch. Focus on what you wish to sell, and for whom. Make the pitch easy for any on-lookers, novice, to legends.

Focus on the numbers

Numbers matter a lot. Predict the losses you will incur. Be frank about it. That's what most buyers/investors love to hear.

Map 'buyer' persona

If you are able to articulate your product, and match it with your potential buyer, you hold the key to making a sale. Your pitch entirely needs to map every feature with your buyer's pain point. Begin with a very simple question "Do you face this problem?", Next focus on your "solution". Always put yourselves in the shoes of your buyer, and think. Will you buy as an end-user? If yes, don't think twice.

Determine your current situation.

How are you currently positioned in the market? How do you compare to the competition? Where would you like to be in a year or in 5 years? Planning requires that you understand how you currently stand. How would you like to get there? Or more appropriately how can you get there, as it is not always the way that you want that works?

Working Capital

Calculate your operational budget and determine how much you can afford to spend on an sales campaign. Also, this is a stage to decide your mediums & effectiveness of different mediums of advertising as it applies to the specific nature of your product/services.

It also helps to retain a percentage of your earnings towards future Ad campaign on an ongoing basis. Selling is the life-blood of any business. Be sure to develop a good rapport with your users even after sales. To keep your users visiting, buying and begging for more, let them know how much you appreciate their business.

Keep the Feedback Open

Do not spare any personal touch you can invest in the relationship. It will pay for your time and effort 10x. Create a communication with your users and to generate new leads. This can be achieved by offering an opportunity to your visitors to subscribe to your users from your website or purchasing leads from a company.

*โ€” Creating 0% dependencies matters. *

โ€” Earning your own revenues matters

โ€” Scaling up matters

โ€” Growing organic matters

โ€” Getting your first clients matters

No depending on your current position, you may not even have users yet If you are starting from scratch, your first order of business would be to start growing a customer base within your budget of course.

Find a good mentor

Your decision making prowess would be much better with this kind of backbone. Take note that even with all the information you may acquire from books and magazines, nothing compares to experience. If you have to go on your experience then you are setting yourself up to learn the hard and costly way.

Taking a chill-pill

Learn to relax and balance work and social responsibilities, a crucial step to achieving anything in life. Take a step back a little, refresh and increase your productivity. Everything contained here would be useless if you can not find balance. Remember to build a support system and share your experiences with friends.


Evaluate your performance and how much you are on/off the target. Always don't hesitate to go over your sales campaigns, prospect with a fine toothcomb even if you experience a little discomfort. This really helps you know what works best for your business. And, stay motivated.


In fact, this whole post could have been about spreading your brand's word out, as sales is always wins on perception, and only one other means compares right marketing when it comes to promoting your digital medium and increasing your ranking. Participate in every brand building activity that will spread the good word out. Talk about your brand, and it will help!

Lastly, Don't forget your hat. Keep hustling folks.