If you want to take your business to next level, make some cold calls, and keep your pipeline full of leads. After all, without leads, you cannot make presentations or close any deals. However, cold calls are hard, and most businesses are afraid to make them because they don't know how. But you can dominate your market and fill your CRM up to brim with new leads if you master art of cold calling.

Who You Are

Think about it. Would you buy from a stranger? Whether door-to-door or cold calling over the phone, not telling prospect their name off bat is a big void you should avoid. Any prospect is always busy, minding their survival, and their own business, when all of a sudden you interrupt them. They don't know anything about you. Naturally, wondering in back of their mind. So you need to satisfy their curiosity right away by just saying "Hello, my name is." especially if it is a cold-call. And, tell who you're with. Tell what firm you represent. Give your lead an idea of why you are there and why you are calling.

Why are you calling?

Be explicit about why you stopped by or called them out of blue. Perhaps it was because you noticed their compliances are expring soon, that they are paying too much for advertisements, or that they have assets that you would love to offer them a trade-in deal. This validation makes them feel as though you singled them out because you thought you could help them specifically.

Social Proof

Build more trust with some testimonials. Mention that you have "helped people (or companies) like yours with our products and services". Nobody wants to take a chance on an unproven company. Show them that companies just like them have benefited from hiring you and you will get past a lot of potential issues.

How You Can Help

Get right to point. Don't be vague. People are too busy today and too weary with online and television advertising that hits them all day. Tell them exactly what you are proposing to happen next. That could be an appointment to assess their needs, a free estimate, or a trial period of your service.

Lock It Down

Before showing up for your appointment, don't assume they will be there. That will waste a lot of their time and yours. Call them beforehand to ensure they are still available. That also makes them feel more committed to process, which can help you sell better later on when you're in their house or on phone with them presenting your solution.

Overcome Objections

When you try to make a cold call, there will be objections. People might say that they don't have time, that they aren't interested, or that they already use another provider. There is no reason to get angry with someone or disagree with them. Instead, use one or two rebuttals to try to overcome them and then move on. If they are Interested, they will accept your meeting and not push back too hard. It's not worth time angering someone who might leave a bad review online. After all, word of mouth travels fast these days.

Follow Up

Not everyone is a natural salesperson.  Few sales professionals follow up. That is a big mistake because not everyone is available on your first call. If they are genuinely busy, you should let them be but call them back a few times. Don't disappear forever. phone is not only way to follow up,  you can also send cards & emails a few times before moving on.

The cold is dead, not the calling. Pickup the phone, and keep hustling folks!