Business activities like sales, marketing and advertising are critical functions most businesses find it necessary to keep spending even when business survival is at stake. Remember – Business is more riding a tiger! You stop being relevant when you don't advertise, and stop making profits eventually. The cycle repeats.



It is very natural that startups try to save cost across each of these cost-centers. Recently many businesses have understood the growing necessity for outsourcing especially digital marketing part, and have reaped benefits many bounds. We are simply asking startups few questions – Having spent $X on advertising – Was it worth it? How much conversion did you clock this quarter? Trouble making the first contact? Lastly, how much time did you lose convincing your customer?

Outsourcing sales and marketing not only gives startups developers to focus on their product or services, but also cut-down costs to a very great extent. The cost of hiring as sales team, often is 175% of marketing budget.

What UILO tries to bring on the table for a small startup, is a group of on-demand talented sales professionals, ready to visit your leads, and bring closures. Working with the team always will be unique and we hope to add a fresh perspective to your business.

The traditional startup is usually stocked with developers writers and web developers. The perspective that mavericks at UILO offer, is a right balance of bringing sales strategies, sales analysis, lead segmentation, ROI projection, and create a right pool of experts who cold calling, till closure. Yes, a sales closure!

Demand generation, process automation of sales, conversion of leads, growth pipeline are UILO's primary focus for startups who really care about growth. Outsourcing the sales gives the startup entrepreneurs focus on their core business of developing products/services, leave the talking to experts, communicate and do what it takes to handle matters that venn their scope of expertise.

Outsourcing sales may also provide an opportunity to clear the clutter, and be abreast of actionable items that are more important. One big advantage is controlling cost. The sales side of marketing tend to be most intense when startups launch their advertising strategy. The big deal here what UILO gives an advantage over other startups, is how owners can convert a fixed cost, and stay assetless.

Startups can activate and run an entire on-demand department, and stay optimistic about closures. A number of startups, small and micro business, brands, web developers, marketing experts have worked closely with us, and been benefited by UILO's sales strategies. The benefits – reduction of workload, staying frugal, keeping their team size lean, and helping them invest time in a vast expanse amount of creativity in teams, product management focus, customer happiness, risk management, cost controlling and budgeting.

Outsourcing sales function is more seamless when marketing teams work in tandem. UILO provides on-demand ways to gain sales expertise using the best of ethical sales practices, expanding coverage, and open opportunities to capture new markets.

Our vision is quite simple – Start small, grow organically and stay positive. Developing sales plans, lead generation, sales commission payouts, sales training and workshops, some of the salient features. In short, we help startups providing them fulfillment centers for sales.

Running a sales campaign requires time management skills, dealing with multiple levels of follow ups, and a very large sales funnel. It is very necessary to put in a lot of sacrifice to reach a goal, especially in the sales world maximizing results with the time you have is all that you have left.

The big part here is to do a lot of networking and develop client relationships. It is natural that a lot of clients could be directly acquired from the website, where are businesses on serious old skool tactics.

Having references, face to face meetings, calling scheduling an appointment, wearing a formal attire, all this matters in client relationship. Outsourcing your sales typically needs a lot of commitment from both sides. In the world of advertising, you never keep falling behind in competition when you grow organically, locally, and head strong.

From the broadest plan to the smallest detail in a product, knowing how to take hands-on approach when a responsibility is being delegated to a sales team, is one key part of communication. Lot of startups struggle for leadership, direction, and strategy especially in sales. Taking ownership of core functions such as product development, after sales, customer feedback, user interface, design thinking, digital marketing is more important then selling the product itself.  

Dealing with sales is not hard especially when you have our kick-ass sales team by your side. And, do keep reading our posts. Stay Positive, Always!