We make many dumb mistakes as a n00b, and here’s a post detailing our few sales experiences. If you are a working consultant, offering your hiring services. There are strategies like a discovery call, a strategy sessions, where the potential client would get on the phone with consultant for an hour. It could be a discovery call, a strategy session, free consultation, or a breakthrough session, whatever you might call it, it's simply a closing call.

Usually rookie marketers would get on the phone, and spend an hour trying to impress the client, rather express their potential. If you are doing this you are perhaps losing money, and you are losing more sales. Showing your client everything that you know, how smart your competence, and your technical prowess et all, doesn't close a sale! And clients really take time to getting free-consulting.

You are not adding value, but offering choices.

A confused or overwhelmed prospect's mind always says NO. When you try to educate too much during the closing call you might think, you are trying to add value. If we are to believe this blog is making a difference, and so much value as our consulting tips could help you in that 5 minute read, by the end of course every reader should be hiring our team, and convert as paying clients, taking the word on how much value we are giving them for free, but that never happens.

It's a no-brainer to hire our sales team for the freebies we have offered. But, that's not how it the market works. Does it? Reminds Joker from Batman - If you are good at something, never do it for free. The readers obviously get into a thinking spiral, on why would someone be giving everyone their best strategies for free? What's the catch?


When you overwhelm your prospect, he/she would get to think, the challenge is a lot of work. A default response to hard work is procrastination - I don't know if I'm ready for this.  Perhaps, this is too much. "I don't know if I want to do this."


Burrow thinking - Where the prospect is happy with someone discovering his/her major existing flaws, and just takes on from where the direction the consultant has pointed out, and tries to implement on their own hiring n00bs.

Most clients add a catch, promising to get back again, if they find good results. Usually it ends with "I will get back to you". And guess what, they will never do, and don't get back to you, and even less grateful for any discovery you've done so far. In short, a consultant is a doctor, diagnosing problems, finding flaws, that the owner doesn't know, or has overlooked. And, sales mavericks are better doctors having worked with many companies, both small to corporates.

Close the sale, Educate client later

Usually sales representatives get into the thought why the closure doesn't happen, and probably think further adding more value. It doesn't work that way either! Close first, close today, and work with your client (educating) later.

After a financial commitment, and that you've closed the sale, you can well educate your clients on how your services will profit them. As a sales closer, you're doing a huge disservice, by giving out free consulting to your clients. Obviously, you are not solving their problems, whatever they might have in a span of an hour. It is egotistical to think that you can solve any major problem in one hour, perhaps?

With no idea who you are, why someone would don't care what you do. Instead, what should you do? Realistically, you will want to solve client's problems in the long-term. Its pointless to run your hands dirty, and try to solve all client's problems in one hour.

As a sales representative try to establish expectations within that one hour, and show how you can work together. Talk on what client's terms are, what your client's estimated investments are. What is their commitment level? Once you want to establish all those things. And you want to talk a little bit about their pain points.

No pain, no sale

Because when there's no pain, there is no sale. Talk less, and listen. Close that sale, and sign the deal. Then you can do all the technical education you want. Don't make the common rookie sales representative mistake of offering free engine diagnostics. It does cost you a lot money if people take you for granted.

There is no point in impressing your clients. Focus on their pain points. Talk about exactly how your project can be staged, and establish expectations, work on your proposals. And its wise to sometimes tell your client upfront, "We're not going to solve your problem in one hour". Take the time, and kind of talk a little bit how your team will collaborate with your prospect, in the next three months, six months, one year, or two years, perhaps?

Ask - Are you comfortable making that kind of commitment? If you are committed to solve this problem, and prospect wants to work together long-term, then go ahead. If not, give them a good reason why you can't move forward. Explain the terms, pricing, and give a proposal how you're going to work together.

Remember, close the sale today, educate tomorrow. If you have any other questions about closing, about sales, write back to us. Click on subscribe, if this is the first post you are reading on our blog.

Keep hustling folks!