Have you ever had this experience?

You try your very best to sell your product/services to a client, and having explained feature-by-feature, it makes perfect sense for a closure, but yet at the end prospect resists the sale! And you wonder, what's going on? Why aren't prospects saying yes?

Today let's walk-around the top reasons why people really don't buy.

1/… The Need

The first reason why people don't buy from you is there is esstentially no or little need. In spite of how great your product/service is, but the prospect might not need it at all, or might not need it right now.

Imagine when you're going to the mall, and walking through the mall/store floor, towards the store that you want to go to, someone random in middle of a booth calls up, and asks you to try a free chicken nugget or perfume. In a sense, aren't enterprising sellers interrupting you? So what do you do?

You have no need to buy there and you might find it annoying. You can't convince someone if the buyers don't think that your prospects need your product/services. You can either persistently ask your customer feeedback, or work on next leads. Recognize your leads. As a sales maverick, there's nothing you can do with prospects who don't want your product/services. And, it's better to cut your losses and save your time you. Qualify leads and then disqualify them very quickly and then you move on.

2/… Delay

Reason number two, "no urgency". "We will you get back to you", "Send me more information", all of that stuff shows the client's in no rush for buying, and it's obviously a lack of urgency. Delay kills a sale. Prospects don't see a reason why they need to buy right now from you. You haven't given them a reason why they need to do it right now.

Tomorrow never comes. As the great old saying goes by – What you don't do today, you will not do tomorrow. And, so is sales closures. Although clients might be very nice to you and they'll be very polite, and ask you to follow up in 3 months from now, saying "I'll get back to you", the chances you'll hear from them is low!

And guess what happens. You might never hear from them again. So what could you do? You need to demonstrate you "why they need" your product right now? Maybe it is an exclusive offer, maybe it's limited quantity, and create a demand that the stock is low, and now is the buying time.

Most auction houses have made huge profits by creating an artificial demand for paintings, antiques and artifacts in the market, in a small time period with many bidders claiming rarity as a key indicator of value. "If you don't buy right now well they run out, you will not be able to get them anymore". And, someone sitting down one corner keeps bidding.

The very unforunate problem with clients is they never buy unless they are motivated to buy. As a sales person, give procastinators a compeling push, as otherwise they even cease to reply. Its not a question if they are slack, but their delay is artificial, hoping sales team begs them with a sweet offer. Dealing with slackers is the hardest part in a sales startegy, however simple it might sound.

3/… No Desire

No desire no sale. Why people don't buy is they have "No desire". People don't buy what they need, but people buy what they want the most. They want a car, a house, a new suit, their bed, a new pair of shoes, a vacation, perhaps. But, if you are pitching your products on a fine Monday, they don't necessarily need it, or make an excuse "Get back later".

Think about a lot of things in your life you don't actually need. If you want it, that's desire. How do you create that insatiable desire that people want to buy what you have to offer?  

A few years back, there was a game, which ranked #1 in playstore. It was so addictive, and the levels were so hard, and people were perfectly happy with that. Usually, you do that with an irresistible offer. How can you make what you sell so interesting, compelling and irresistible to your prospects?

And you can create that desire or you can tap into the existing wish-lists they already have, that's already within them. As human beings we only have so many desires. It's not as complex as you think.

4/… Question of Budget

Probably the most common reason why people don't buy is they have "no money", or they don't have a budget, for what you want to offer to them. If you're actually selling to people who's got no money, there is no reason for selling people who cannot afford what you offer, in the first place, you can expect replies like.

  • I don't see the value in this.
  • I don't see like why this cost so much.

As a sales representative, we have not presented our offer in a compelling way that they could see in terms of money and value. Everyone mentally weighs a scale, on value versus money.

5/… Prejudice

Another reason why people don't buy from you, is lack of trust. They don't believe you, they don't trust you, or your product/service, your company. So how do we handle this? Giving your prospects more social proof, testimonials, what customers say about your products and services, history of the company, how long you have been in the industry, data or case studies.

Do you now realize why tooth-paste advertisements, use actors dressed up like scientists/doctors to endrose their brands? If prospects don't trust you, they won't buy. It's very important but that's one more point, not that they don't trust you, there's one thing that very few entrepreneurs and closers understand.

Many even form a mind-block as they'd had some serious bad experiences with previous suppliers. Clients may like your product, they trust your company but sometimes, they don't believe that it would work for their benefit. They don't believe that they would ever use it, and tag it a waste of money, or recall an earlier bad experience, and that's a sign of a prejudice!

This is strange, but true. Clients don't trust themselves. Assuming, you're selling a weight loss solution. The first reaction to this would be, "Oh here's another one". Everyone is sick of new advertisements claiming weight loss works, and most know with an experience of 10 different diets, and having tried 20 weight loss solutions, it is bound to fail.

But, how do we know it's will work? Even if they trust you, even if you pamper them with testimonial, proof, they don't trust themselves. "How is this bound be different, given my track record?" So when you're marketing in your brand, you need to entice this percentage of buyers who procastinate, often due to their own lack of confidence in themselves.

Look at these reasons why people don't buy. No need no sale, no urgency no sale, no desire no sale, no money no sale, no trust and no sale, and no confidence and no sale. Look at the ways you're doing your marketing campaigns. Are you answering these basics?

  • Are you trust-worthy in the marketplace?
  • Are you articulating your true value?
  • Is it totally worth-it to buy what you have to offer?
  • Are you really solving 95% problems that your clients have?
  • Are people enticed by what you're have offered?
  • Is the marketplace in a state of demand?
  • Will my buyer purchase after a previous bad experience?

Handle these objections, and create more revenue. Keep hustling!



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