Part of running the startups will involve talking with complete strangers. Sometimes it will be an effort to boost your personal brand, or a group of potential clients. Whatever be the case it is in your best of the interest to have the ability to capture the attention and the respect as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Have someone to introduce you

The power of a strong introduction cannot be underestimated. Think about how difficult when it is for cold calling someone versus having someone to introduce you to a potential client. When someone gives you an introduction the audience is warmed up and they know what to expect and they be prepared to listen.

How this can be done varies is in the context. When speaking to an event for example you will be someone who introduce yourself to speak about your experiences. Show the introduction the audience should be able to understand what you are qualified to speak and what they should listen to you.

Go to trenches before the event

You can do a lot of good for yourself by talking to the people before you encounter actually begins. You can talk to the event organizers and ask them how you can make your presentation better. It is a small thing but it's a show of professionalism that will scored your points and can result in a good advice. Water potential audience and ask them what they are hoping to learn on social media the event and you can find in a presentation.

Have a stronger entrance

Introductions and FaceTime with audience will get you. But Twitter truly capture the room you must go an extra Mile and have a great entrance. Think about ring a field around wrestlers have a theme song. The sky is the limit for your entrance.  All you need is to remember to make it appropriate for your audience. For example a simple video discussing the merits of your product and how it came to be may be appropriate when facing potential clients.

Utilize an influencer

One of the most common problems startups get into is getting ahead way into the market. Influencer marketing allows you to borrow a few well known individuals authority by taking them on as a brand representative. This same principles can be applied on your presentations. There are a number of ways you can utilize an influencer. For example you can have them to promote your talk and increase the number of participants. Alternatively if you have a close relationship with them you can ask them to introduce you to the audience.

Use position of power

Answer is right in front of you all along. Instead of looking for an influencer you can instead of to ask someone from an event itself or help. Having someone like the event runner or a high level employee to introduce you to the audience can help you establish some one of authority. Instead of borrowing someone's fame you are borrowing someone's position and respect.

Keep hustling folks.