*Plot: Oakland baseball team won many games & reached "Playoffs". But, when they lose elimination games against Yankees, their general manager Billy Beane is very disappointed. He knows that several good players will soon be leaving them. *

To avoid a spoilers, we recommend you to watch the movie to learn more, but here's few thoughts/lessons that inspires every hustler out there.

  • Don't stop believin'.

  • People are over-looked for a variety of biased reasons and perceived flaws.

  • "Yale, economics, and baseball. You're funny, Pete" --> Nuture Passion!

  • Trade what you can, and prepare to lose!

  • Treat your employees like professionals. Everyone has a super skill. #Hiring

  • You think losing is fun?

    Billy Beane: It's hard not to be romantic about baseball. This kind of thing, it's fun for the fans. It sells tickets and hot dogs. Doesn't mean anything. Peter Brand: Billy, we just won twenty games in a row. Billy Beane: And what's the point?

  • If you lose the last game of the season, nobody gives a shit. Really?

  • Records are not proxy for continuous winning.

  • "First job in baseball?" "It's my first job anywhere." -> (+1) #Hiring

  • Don't get complecent!

  • Anything worth doing is hard.

  • Your goal shouldn't be to buy players, your goal should be to buy wins.

    Billy Beane: [during a meeting with his scouts] If we try to play like the Yankees in here, we will lose to the Yankees out there.

  • It's about getting things down to one number --> Analytics, rules!

  • Determine context – You can't judge just yet!

  • Recruit on potential and reward on performance.

  • "We're going to change the game." --> Be Ambitious!

  • Get good at seeing talent where others don't. #Hiring

    Billy Beane: Guys, you're just talking. Talking, "la-la", like this is business as usual. It's not. Grady Fuson: We're trying to solve the problem here, Billy. Billy Beane: Not like this you're not. You're not even looking at the problem. Grady Fuson: We're very aware of the problem. I mean… Billy Beane: Okay, good. What's the problem? Grady Fuson: Look, Billy, we all understand what the problem is. We have to… Billy Beane: Okay, good. What's the problem? Grady Fuson: The problem is we have to replace three key players in our lineup. Billy Beane: Nope. What's the problem? Pittaro: Same as it's ever been. We've gotta replace these guys with what we have existing. Billy Beane: Nope. What's the problem, Barry? Scout Barry: We need 38 home runs, 120 RBIs and 47 doubles to replace. Billy Beane: Ehh! [imitates buzzer]

  • Focus on the real problem! – Explain the why behind the how!

  • Are you taking a risk bold enough that might shake your confidence?

  • When your enemy's making mistakes, don't interrupt him.

    Peter Brand: I wanted you to see these player evaluations that you asked me to do. Billy Beane: I asked you to do three. Peter Brand: Yeah. Billy Beane: To evaluate three players. Peter Brand: Yeah. Billy Beane: How many you'd do? Peter Brand: Forty-seven. Billy Beane: Okay. Peter Brand: Actually, fifty-one. I don't know why I lied just then.

  • Innovate to beat competition.

  • Give your client's more value, even if means nothing to them.

  • Be prepared to adopt non-traditional methods.

  • Management is about removing roadblocks – not micromanaging!

  • Pay attention to what influnces "change". Find influencers & hire them. #Hiring

  • Don't be limited by budgets. Money is always #2.

  • Can you stomach it when someone else gets credit for your work?

  • Real leaders have higher expectations.

  • People feared the change, but now it is the norm.

  • Everyone's happy to make a point of every small fault. Grow up!

  • Leaders let others shine.

Keep hustling folks!