It's a movie about a traveling sales man lost in his own thoughts, and wandering an in a different world of cultural paradoxes looking for answers. 2016: A Hologram for the King – based on Dave Eggers's Novel loosely references the analogies to Samuel Beckett’s "Waiting for Godot" & Nicole Mones' "Lost in Translation"– Tom Hanks plays a failed businessman who travels to Saudi Arabia in order to close a major technology deal with the local aristocracy. Here's few notes,

  • Always travel light on your "emotional" baggage.
  • Its impossible to navigate a business in a culture you can't control.
  • Selling illusions in the mirage-filled desert? -> Ref. selling ice to the Eskimos.
  • Work hard, play harder!
  • Showtime! Expect the unexpected.
  • Like any illusion, reality will eventually blow it up too.
  • Let us do something, while we have the chance!
  • Go-getters need to accept despair and hope, anxiety and optimism.
  • Every salesman struggles painfully against the tide.
  • Everyone struggles for equilibrium between optimism and angst.
  • Every "breakthrough" begins with a "breakdown".
  • Can a fish learn to breathe "air". Learn to live off your comfort zones.
  • A man's shoes says a lot about him. (Ref. Forrest Grump)
  • Paradoxes everywhere!
  • Rebuild your life.
  • Refuse to give up.
  • Don't surrender your can-do attitude!
  • The real failure to see the big picture.
  • There is competition, everywhere!
  • You don't need to salvage your future by submission.
  • Biggest sales lesson - Be relentless in your pursuit. Don't take NO for an answer.

Emptying your shoes, selling holograms in a mirage-laden dessert, a metaphorical bump on the back, a paradox culture-shift, all just points – Life's really nothing! We create what we project. Accept that honest truth, and live every moment.