A small post on sales motivation challenges. Learn about sales strategies… The sales field is perhaps most rewarding career paths to take, but it attracts a lot of competitive challenges mostly long hours of travel, and game of internal politics. Often sales bonus payouts are good if one hits a sale, and that's a good reason why sales careers appeal to so many hustlers, talkers and travelling freelancers. Most sales agents are great workers who care about their employees, but it's always a good idea to be prepared for the worst.

In many cases, if a prospect trusts you, they will volunteer vital information or ask for your advice in helping them reach a decision on what to buy and how much to spend. Imagine the possibilities if a prospects came to you and let you make a decision on what they should buy and how much they should spend. Trust is an ultimate driver behind your ability to sell effectively. Trust exponentially increases your repeat business as well as increasing new prospects by using existing prospects as referral sources.

Here's few top salesmen's best practices.

  • Don't let a prospects's negativity effect you negatively! Always treat every single prospect you come in contact with like you would treat your own.
  • Do the unexpected! Go above and beyond each prospects that you help each day.
  • Do something no other sales person has ever done for them. As small as writing a hand written post cards referencing their past sales conversations can add . Build rapport and shows you genuinely care about their business.
  • Pay attention to detail. Listen for clues a prospects may give you in your conversations with them. Having the ability to spot passive opportunities will help you as a sales person tremendously!
  • Ask for referrals – Friends, family, and colleagues. Have a warm handoff whether it be a joint phone call or prospects sending a quick email letting referral know you will be calling, and why they should talk to you. This is quite effective.
  • Always be honest. Honesty is always rewarded as honesty is the key to building trust.
  • The most rewarding actions are usually most uncomfortable. Whether it's making cold calls or asking prospects for their business, most rewarding actions are always the most fearful for the sales person.
  • Listen, Listen, Listen! As with any relationship whether private or business, listening is key. If you don't listen you can't learn about the prospect, who they are, and what they need now or may need in the future.
  • Learn the products you are selling and the benefits they offer to the prospect. You have to know what you are pitching in detail. This instills confidence in yourself and with your clients. Cultivate confidence!
  • If a prospect tells you "no" when you offer a solution to a need, and if you have had several "nos" in a row or over a long period of time, it can feel defeating. When you reach this point, because you will and everyone does, close your eyes and think of all the successes you've had in the past. This breeds positive thinking.
  • Always think of yourself as the best. If you want to be the best you have to believe you are the best. If you don't believe it your clients won't either. Everyone wants to do business with the best.
  • Speaking of positive thinking, always think positively! This is key to success in any venture. Positivity rubs off on your clients and other employees.

Implement these ideas and strategies into your everyday approach mid become a top performer yourself. Stay motivated, Always.