Revolutions are not often commonly known in a globalized world. People have learnt to accept economic disparity among nations and moved on with their daily lives. But in a growing population of over a half-a-dozen billion stomachs, hunger doesn't die easy. In amongst a few lesser known places known to the world today, there still exists places where taboos like censorship, racism, slavery, and casteism are most prevalent. Lack of governance, employment opportunities often make a large fraction of people economically devastated, socially and politicially unstable. When a nation's population affected by such artificial outrages and wealth disparity, drive its citizens to severe hunger among many challenges that spark an uprising making new rebels.

Its sickening that traders speculate and play dice on futures and derivatives market, as deeply eroded supply-side farmers depend their livelihood upon a nation's banking system. In an all negative cash economy, when banks go bust and NPAs rising all time high, farmers and self-employed business end up seeking alternative forms of capital, most often informal loans at pretty high rate of interest. Any system that drives its population to such "debt traps", often indirectly promotes a black economy and price dictactors who influcence the increase in lack of resources for sustainence. It's a lesser known fact that the Arab uprising was intially started by a large population of hungry women who couldn't feed their kids.

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