Do you have a simple, compelling message? That's a question! Do you have a simple, compelling message? When you meet with your prospects, and they ask you, "what do you do"? What is your message?

And you know sometimes when you give them the message, when you tell them what you do, you know it's not leading your sales conversation. You can see many faces going blank, and they're not paying close attention. A few may try getting out of a conversation, or avoid your long pitch. As you know it's not leading, why keep doing that again?

Change it, modify it, test it out with something radically new, with each prospect! It's all about your prospect's outcomes, their profit, not yours. That's the END-GAME! Clients less care about the good work that you do. Many do not care, and don't give a damn. They only care about outcome that you help them with. "What's in it for me?"

It's all about outcomes. It's impossible to charge a decent fee or stand out from the crowd, without a promise on what you can versus can't deliver. What is the outcome that you deliver? How realaistic is your proposed outcome? It's a very powerful question, which every sales consultant must brainstorm. What is the most awesome, most powerful outcome that my firm can provide?

What's your super skill?

What is the most awesome and most powerful outcome that I provide? How many things, how many things? Build 100% of your messages around that. 100% marketing around that, and it doesn't mean you don't have a lot of services that you want to upsell. Lead with just one skill. The most awesome, powerful outcome that you provide. Show them what you can do the best.

Example: "I help entrepreneurs who are excited about building a meaningful business protect their brands so that nobody rips off your brand name, logo or tagline." A good line for hustler who want to build a brand protection service. Focus on always pitching your best.

Premium pricing

Now that you know your outcome then this question is, what's the outcome worth to your clients? What's an estimated outcome that your clients value? What is worth to save a relationship at the brink of divorce? To get leads for a business? Is that outcome worth to your clients? To help someone get in to amazing shape and add confidence and 20 years to their life? That's my question, what's the outcome worth to your clients?

If your sales goal is to get paid a $10k from one client. In order to do that, your math is very simple. Can I sell products worth a million? Can I make my employer a million, and get paid $10k in commissions?.

So, focus on what "value" you can deliver, and get your compensation that you deserve. It's not just about demand, when you seek more compensation, and want to charge more. All it takes is your confidence in taking your client to that next level and adding 10x in to their business, and how you could get paid your first million. If you are realistic of delivering the "value" you've projected, you deserve to get paid what you demand. Is that outcome worth to your clients? You've have to think about that as you pitch your client the numbers, and do the math.

A pile, B pile theory.

Our first task ahead is not to make your prospects "buy". Our first job is to make sure that we don't end up in the trash can! And that's why we go with personal letter. Handwritten envelope. Because it looks like it's coming from a friend. I wanna win that game first. Sorting through, and this looks personal. Your goal is just to get to the A pile, and don't end up in the B pile. It's not that buyers are smart. They like to feel they are so smarter than the guy selling. Add a personal touch ; )

Science of exactness

Instead of stating that I made over $5,000 last month, say I make $5,769.03 last month. The second statement carries more credibility, and it's more believable. Exactness carries more credibility, and it's perhaps more believable. Real estate agent says I sold a lot of houses last year. Or, I sold more than 50 houses last year. It's better that "I sold 53 homes", last year in whatever area. Now it's more believable. More credibility.


Write in the active voice instead of the passive voice. This applies to everybody. Active writing versus passive writing. So, as an example. Instead of writing, "When this link is clicked, "an email will be sent to your inbox." That's passive writing. It's so passive! Write instead, "when you click this link, you will be sent an email". So when it comes to active voice versus passive voice, write in the active voice instead of the passive voice.

The catch

Make any general statements that you have as specific as possible! Who are your target clients? For CEOs who are high profile business leaders, who don't want to read your 100 page business plans - Make it easy, make it simple. It doesn't really matter how much information you crunch into a slide! The basic knee-jerk reaction of a comple "I don't have time for this." Can you make it simple? Headline does matter a lot in sales. Imagine putting it this way. "Does your business deserve product X?" It's not so much that you're using words to show how smart you are that impress them.

Stay positive. Always ; )