Myth: Outsourcing will lack "context" of your business

Fact: Pretty much all business today is templated and known is the fact there is "no secret recipe". There is a good reason why its always recommended someone expert to do the pitches. Its a proven fact founders get too emotionally attached to the product/service that makes them lesser focused on "closing". Sales outsourcing helps you work on business end and devote more time to product development and let the sales mavericks independently audit what didn’t work and why it didn’t work.

Myth: You don’t know all the little details well.

Fact: It's not necessary to educate the buyer. The chances you can end up selling your recipe is more prone! Its no offense to founders, but its good to keep your prospects in the dark, at-least till the money is in the bank. Call this sales strategy raw, but it works. Many experts recommend to show the smallest version of a teaser, instead of the full movie's trailer. Keep it short, and simple. Let the simplest idea of your product/service do the talking. Its not necessary to get all the tiny nitty gritty details on the table, until the client accepts the budget and does more rounds of talking. Its recommended to sign a NDA before disclosing the numbers. At UILO work on the best sales strategy – Close first, Educate later.  

Myth: Outsourcing sales is not practical.

Fact: False! What is more important is a focus on how many leads you need versus how many on-demand field "closers" you need for your sales. How and where you’re going to get your organic leads, and how we can convert your leads into qualified opportunities. Get ahead, study the market and your target audiences.

Myth: Cost-wise outsourcing is not cheap!

Fact: Sales takes 1.75 times your marketing budget. And, the focus is required to be more on process automation of sales. The advantage of out-sourced sales gives clients an option to plug-and-activate an entire on-demand sales department! The advantages are many - staying frugal, keeping their team size lean and reduce sales costs.

Myth: Sales outsourcing takes a lot of time.

Fact: Wrong! All you need is a good sales outsourcing team to figure out your marketing model and help them execute lead capture funnels. Lesser said sales outsourcing can drastically improve your time spent on product development and let the "closers" work on the selling. All the startup needs is figure a sales exploration on what works and what doesn't to garner opt-ins. It is more important for a startup to make a sense of the reality rather work on sales strategy alone.

Myth: Leads can't be outsourced.

Fact: In a stark contrast, a lead nurturing platform will help prospects move stage by stage towards closing. Sales outsourcing does not just work on leads, but converts leads. Outsourcing sales helps you understand how to engage with competitive landscapes, focus on preliminary market development and work on Go-To-Market sales strategy with all bases covered.

Rake up your sales!

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